I will be happy one day

Kyla. 19, from Oklahoma. Basically, I'm a gauged, anxiety-ridden workaholic.

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why fall in love when you can fall back asleep??

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i’m so popular at parties i make the best mixed drinks


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I want to be kissed angrily.

I want a girl who has had an extremely bad day and is mad at the world, shove me against a wall and kiss me until both our lips start to bruise. I want her to pour out all the anger shes feeling and shove it down my lungs, and then I want to push back. Not with force but with air, I want to turn that anger into love and turn the bruising kiss soft. I want to remind her that life is too beautiful to hate.

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I know this to be true

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it literally stresses me out how much good music there is that i still haven’t listened to

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